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Gender equality needs to take time seriously

Tue 13.6.2017 8:01 am

Gender equality plans would beneficiate from a diagnosis on time uses and representations, as a great part of challenges involving gender inequality at academy and higher education settings links to time scarcity. Academic publics – researchers, teachers, and non-academic staff, as well as students are experiencing contexts of high competition. Internationalization and globalization which is greatly pushed by triple helix model of university, responding to several publics, including government. Time diagnosis would allow to know better how is time used and what difficulties people experience. GEP should then include as objective fostering data collection. In the same sense, it would be important to define modes by which time ordering at universities can be ameliorated to allow people to accommodate private and family needs. Gender sensitive working schedules can be an important measure to taken and that can involve the reformulation of existing platforms for schedules arrangements.

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