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Lack of women in leader- and professorship positions (vertical gender segregation)

Sun 30.4.2017 10:41 pm
  • Females are clearly under-represented in higher academic ranks and other management positions across the university, while in general the percentage of females at the university is equal. This is the classic challenge of vertical gender segregation.
  • The imbalance makes it less attractive for other females to apply, leads to a lack of visible role models for younger women, and influences the decision-making processes and overall strategy of the university, as all decision-making committees (rectorate, senate, etc.) are clearly male dominated because of the lack of females in higher positions.

Children still generally lead to a disadvantage in female career development.

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Challenge area(s)

HR practices and management processes
Research design and delivery
Teaching and services for (potential) students

Target groups affected by the Challenge

Academic staff members
(Junior) Professors
Postdoctoral researchers
Non-Academic staff members
Members of committees and decision-making bodies
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