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Obstacles that appear for women entering ICT world

Thu 4.5.2017 3:05 pm

Lithuanian women, unlike their male peers, often have a more difficult way to go when building a career in ICT world. The reasons for such situation are various: starting from self-criticism and ending with social environment.

It is noticed that women are more self-critical than men when it comes to the evaluation of their own knowledge and experience. This inner barrier is often holding them back to reach for a technical degree and start an ICT career. The issue is also caused by stereotypes that are still prevailing in Lithuanian society: technical careers are considered to be “masculine”, therefore women often reject the idea about it at a very early age. Moreover, people sometimes think that building an ICT career makes it more difficult to create a family and raise children. Finally, even though a woman chooses to build her career in this field, she might often be treated as less competent than her male coworkers.

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Submitted by Renata Norbutaite on Thu, 2017-05-11 12:41

This situation with girls and ICT sector, creates financial problems for women, because in ICT, they can work in innovative companies, with high salary.

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