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Perception that women cannot be as capable in certain tasks (e.g., programming) as men

Sat 29.4.2017 1:33 pm

The internal gender audit at the Department of Information Systems (IS) has revealed that some students and staff members believe that due to biological and psychological differences, women tend to be less interested and less capable than men in certain tasks (e.g., programming). This prejudice provoke the development of impostor syndrome among female IS students, leading to their underestimation of own IS-related competences. They feel that they are not as capable as their male peers and tend to be silent during the discussions when working on some group tasks. Female IS students also feel that they have to first prove their competences in order to be taken serious by their male peers.

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Submitted by Francesca De Rienzo on Tue, 2017-06-06 12:31

If female IS students feel they need to prove their competence, then just let them prove it! As suggested in a different post, we need IS short schools (1 week or a few weeks) dedicated to young girls exclusively (10-14 years old), so that they can try their skills, become self-confident and choose their own future consciously.  

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