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Raising Awareness over the subject of Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance

Wed 29.3.2017 8:21 am

The discussions inside the Institutions and the University regarding the terms Gender, Equality, Work-Life Balance are a sensitive topic, that is ignored by many. The challenge is to raise awareness for the rights, opportunities and chances that all genders have, and also, what can be achieved through designing and implementing GEPs at the University. 
Ideas and Suggestions about how to encourage the University's community, as well as how to achieve a better reach are welcome. 

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Submitted by Egle Butkeviciene on Thu, 2017-05-11 22:38

A day with children in the office :)

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Challenge area(s)

Institutional communication

Target groups affected by the Challenge

Academic staff members
(Junior) Professors
Postdoctoral researchers
Doctoral researchers (PhD candidates)
Lecturers or tutors (teachers, but not researchers)
Non-Academic staff members
Members of committees and decision-making bodies
Students (Bachelor or Master)
Prospective students (schoolchildren)
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